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2 Thoughts is Impromptu Mentalism that can be performed with borrowed materials. 2 Participants, one using his conscious process and the other using his unconcious motivations. Just 2 pieces of paper and a pen will allow you to achieve mindreading and precognition with a fun and interesting theme. For stage or close up, 2 Thoughts can be performed on the spot without previous preparation. Classic thinking reboosted with verbal and psychological finesses Opinions: “Impromptu mentalism at the best! With just two piece of paper and a pen you can really perform miracle…my kind of things! Good stuff also this time!!”Luca Volpe “I REALLY like Pablo’s 2 Thoughts routine.I love the way he sells the method. That is excellent.Simple and lovely!” Sean Waters “I just got this… glad I did. Again, some nice thinking from Pablo.A simple premise, and some cool subtleties.Thanks! Paul Shirley “Very clever ideas contained within…as usual.”Rich Hennessey “It’s an excellent idea!I perform mostly in Spanish and like the fact that this can be done with no language problems at all. The psychological premise is indeed a perfect fit for what I do and is extremely easy. I highly recommend 2 Thoughts and all of Pablo’s Billet work!” Mauricio Jaramillo “I’ve read 2 Thoughts, and while I roughly knew what I was getting, Pablo has certainly some nice ideas when utilizing this particular type of methodology.This is certainly something worth knowing for those moments when all you have are 2 bits of paper (napkins, even) and a pen. If you enjoyed Impromptu Prediction, I think you will enjoy this thinking as well.Thanks Pablo.”Nique Tan Pages: 18 – 5.8″ x 8.25” – PDF FORMAT

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