Mysteries presents CYCLIC RING by Rodrigo Romano!

CYCLIC RING is a groundbreaking effect that will make possible what – until now – was impossible.”

From the creator of Vertigo and Osmosis comes CYCLIC RING, the most astonishing effect to be done with a ring.

A borrowed ring travels inside a jewelry bag that is under the magician’s sock! It literally vanishes and later reappears in this impossible location! Spectators are astounded!

– Borrowed ring
– No duplicate rings
– The magician never puts his hands into his pockets
– No switches
– No pulls or reels
– The spectator’s ring genuinely travels inside the jewelry bag


– You can do it surrounded
– Perform it in close-up, street magic, parlor or stage
– Reset time, 20 seconds


– Kit containing 4 accessories specifically designed for this effect
– Different presentation routines
– Online instructions (English and Spanish)
– Easy to perform
– Ideal for romantic situations

TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact Mysteries for TV rights.

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