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Here are some incredible effects by MO that you can learn! These include:

hide and seek
Modern approach to back-off trick. One by one, cards turn face down, then face up, and then finally change into other cards!

Visual oil and water routine. Four black and red cards are mixed and then immediately separate!

New approach to the oil and water trick. Four black and red cards separate visually like a photo effect.

Seamless routine of the Oil and Queen effect.

Estimation Aces with Triumph routine by using an effective false display.

2-4 transpo
Quick transposition effect with 2 Aces and four Queens.

Ace to Queen routine with a clever ending, due to clever handling.

snap reset
Reset routine by using the card box.

Multiple color changing routine with two Jokers.

table work
Stylish four card revelation.

Quick four Aces revelation.

Quick four Queens revelation.

Rewind #2
A maniac variation of the Collectors effect.

Quick and visual Oil and Water routine with an effective false display.

open o&w
A highly visual oil and water routine. Four red and black cards that were previously in the same pile separate into two different piles.

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