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ABC blocks

ABC blocks


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The ABC Block is one of the most traditional & ancient magic tricks. It presents a great visual effect & is super easy to learn. The block vanishes & reappears somewhere else. It includes a bonus effect of magically presenting a flower, too! Three shiny blocks are placed on the dowel. Each is removed from the dowel & placed in either the magician’s hat or any other container that can fit the blocks. The blocks are returned to the dowel and covered with a tube. After a magical spell, the magician removes the tube to show that it is empty, and one block has magically vanished! Reach into the container to magically retrieve the missing block. The magician produces a flower from nowhere to bring more joy to the audience. Recommended for 8+ years. Boxed w/instruction booklet, plus QR Code for video instructions. These are made of plastic, with metallic paint. Very good starter set of ABC Blocks.


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