Dai Vernon’s Revelations – 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box Set by L&L Publishing – DVD


It’s been 30 years since the initial release of Revelations, the monumental video set that immortalized the life and work of perhaps one of the greatest magicians who ever lived – the Professor himself – Dai Vernon.In celebration, L&L Publishing



It’s been 30 years since the initial release of Revelations, the monumental video set that immortalized the life and work of perhaps one of the greatest magicians who ever lived – the Professor himself – Dai Vernon.

In celebration, L&L Publishing is releasing the Revelations 30th Anniversary Box Set which features all 17 volumes of Revelations digitally remastered on 8 DVDs. Also included are three bonus DVDs that contain extremely rare footage of Vernon lectures from the 1970’s – almost six hours of material that almost no one has ever seen before. Included also are four audio CDs of Vernon lectures from the 1960s and two commemorative booklets. The first is a facsimile of the original Videonics Revelations catalog with comprehensive commentary on each volume by Sid Lorraine while the second contains Dr. Gene Matsuura’s original notes made at Dai Vernon’s farewell lecture in 1976. Everything is packaged in a full color slipcase that is sure to make this set one of the most desirable magic keepsakes ever released.

David Ben’s introduction that appears in the beginning of Gene Matsuura’s notes booklet:

Will wonders never cease?
When it comes to Dai Vernon, apparently not.

This celebration of the 30th anniversary of Revelations, the series produced originally in 1982 by Hans Zahn in Newfoundland, attests to that amazing legacy and it provides yet another generation of magicians – old and new – the chance to experience Dai Vernon and his magic.

This compilation is much more than just a repackaging of the original discs. With additional footage from the celebrated $1,000 Lecture Tour in the mid-1970s, private videos shot by Bill “The Prez” Larsen at The Magic Castle, and supporting documentation and ephemera, magic aficionados and historians now have an accurate portrayal of perhaps the most celebrated thinker and performer in magic during his “Late Period.”

Start with Vernon’s lecture at the Washington Press Club in August 1973, courtesy of Arthur Emerson. (Still images of Arthur Emerson and Vernon were inserted for the first minute or so because the initial quality of the video was suspect. Your patience, however, will be rewarded.) Vernon is 79 years old at the time. That’s right, 79! It is Late Vernon, Second Wave.

Next, screen the October 9, 1976, lecture at The Magic Castle. Here Vernon is reprising the content of the $1,000 Lecture Tour. He is now 82. Again, it is Late Vernon, Second Wave.

Take a break and turn to the notes provided by Dr. Gene Matsuura. Dr. Matsuura was a confidant of many of the most esteemed sleight-of-hand magicians of the 20th century. He is a real student of magic and, in particular, the magic of Vernon. He is also renowned for the quality of his observations and notes. We thank Dr. Matsuura for agreeing to release his personal notes on Vernon’s $1,000 Lecture Tour appearance in Sacramento. His observations are astute, and the nuance he flags worth studying.

Next up: the April 1977 presentations filmed at The Magic Castle. Shot by and because of Bill Larsen, they represent yet another extraordinary gift of the Larsen family to the magic community. In fact, it is hard to imagine what magic would be like today without the Larsens – Genii magazine, The Magic Castle, the Academy of the Magical Arts, and now this. The family, in its fourth generation in magic, continues to contribute to the growth of magic and the preservation of magic history. Vernon, by the way, would soon turn 84! It is the tail end of the Second Wave of the Late Period.

Only then, it is time to revisit the monumental series that is Revelations. Recorded in 1982, when Vernon was 88, it is the Late Period, Third Wave. Here, Vernon provides more coaching and commentary than actual performance. Michael Ammar, Gary Ouellet and Steve Freeman are there to assist, performing and demonstrating magic, and to spark the conversation. We see how things are meant to be done, and how not. The breadth of material is staggering. Fortunately, this commemorative package of discs and other material includes a reproduction of a booklet that provides a detailed description of each section so that viewers can zero in on their particular area of interest.

If I can offer one final word of advice, it is to heed what Vernon said to a young Albert Goshman: take one trick and learn to do it better than anybody else. Goshman did exactly that, and built his initial reputation with “Spellbound.”

With this 30th anniversary celebration of Revelations, you have that same opportunity.

I look forward to seeing your magic.”
– David Ben, Toronto

The Academy of Magical Arts has graciously opened their members-only video vault and allowed L&L to publish one of their rare private videos. This is your chance to watch vintage lectures by Dai Vernon taped at the world-famous Magic Castle by Bill “The Prez” Larsen who had the foresight to preserve Vernon’s genius for posterity. These videos are also valuable for their historic importance as they are among the first lectures ever videotaped at the Magic Castle.

Lecture DVD 1 – April 1, 1977 Lecture:
Wand Spin Vanish
Retention of Vision Coin Vanish
Card Handling
Pull-Through Shuffle
“Dad” Stevens Shuffle
Erdnase Top Palm
Hofzinser Palm Control
Top Changes
Top Palm
Elmsley Count/Twisting the Aces
Larry Jennings’ Ambitious Classic
Hamman’s Pinochle Trick
Deal Controls/Stop Trick
Color Changes (Leipzig, Malini, Tenkai)
Spectator Cueing
Push-Through and Block Shuffle
Henry Christ’s Off the Table Shuffle
Diagonal Palm Shift and Card Transfer
Action Palm
Cover for Erdnas

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