Invisible Lie Detector by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong – Trick

Invisible Lie Detector by Wayne Dobson & Alan Wong – Trick


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The Invisible Lie Detector is the latest in Wayne Dobson’s output of quick, powerful, simple close-up mental routines.

  • Eight cards bearing the names of everyday objects.
  • One is freely chosen under the fairest conditions
  • Byplay involving an ‘Invisible lie Detector’ and the spectator lying about his or her chosen object to try and put you off the scent.
  • The performer has the matching object in his closed hand
  • Super-simple and a lot of fun to perform
  • Each time the choice can be of a different object
  • Uses everyday objects and they are included
  • Resets in an instant

Provided with everything you need to perform it, straight out of the box!

Puts a smile on your face every time you perform it: Wayne’s method is every bit as good as the effect!

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