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It is a pleasure to present you the Super Aerial Glass, the best system of floating glass available in the market!!!It took Wil Golden 7 years to develop this idea and finally it is back!NO hook!NO weight!NO ringing bottle!NO searching for a catch!NO

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It is a pleasure to present you the Super Aerial Glass, the best system of floating glass available in the market!!!

It took Wil Golden 7 years to develop this idea and finally it is back!

NO hook!
NO weight!
NO ringing bottle!
NO searching for a catch!
NO chugging liquid!
You can even do it Blindfolded!

This is a classic effect performed by Lance Burton and other great magicians.

The magician displays a bottle and a glass. He begins to pour liquid into the glass and as it pours he simply lets go of the glass and it stays there floating in mid-air as the liquid continues to pour.

The gimmick is completely flawless and will fit any kind of bottle: champagne, wine, porto, tequila, beer, Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and many others.

Do not confuse this with any other version. This is truly and without doubt the best system in the world!

Each item is handcrafted by Wil. The Super Aerial Glass is an incredible and very visual effect that will enhance any stage act. It comes ready to perform with a minimum of practice.

Read the reviews:

“Wil your new Aerial Glass Suspension is pure genius! Part James Bond and part deVinci! I have owned almost every airborne glass that has been marketed from Sparks to Ray Lum’s Ultimate Airborne Glass and this is far superior to them all in every way! From its silence to ease of use you have created a true winner that I believe any ‘worker’ needs to have. In addition, your customer service is second to none and is truly appreciated in today’s marketplace! The magic community owes you a big thanks and it can start with me.”
– David A. Goodman

“It’s a perfect trick. It’s very fast and very clean.”
– Juliana Chen

“Your version of Airborne is a huge improvement of the original. Your unique method is much easier and cleaner than the original. Your props are also of superior quality and would be a great addition to any stage performers show. Fantastic job.”
– Rick Del Vecchio (Chairman and talent coordinator for Magic on the Beach/Florida State Convention)

“This is PERFECT!!!”
Jorge Blas (Spain)

“The best aerial glass effect I’ve seen! No hooks to fidget with, Wil Golden’s aerial glass is innovative, 21st century and well worth the cost of owning one. I have purchased a couple because each time I show it to a friend they just have to have it and I can’t seem to get it back. The closest thing to having a glass float by real magic that I have ever seen. Made one by one with painstaking detail, Wil’s aerial glass combines his talent and love for the art of magic and culminates in this work of art – the aerial glass.”
– Maria Ibanez (President SAM)

“I have been performing the ‘Air Born’ effect since Presto first showed it to me back in 1978, and I have never come across such an elevation (if you will) in it’s execution and engineering. It practically works itself. Wil, as loosely as the word is used today in the magic trade, this is truly an ‘innovation’ on the par with the Walsh appearing cane. Thanks.”
– Phelston Jones

“Wil this is excellent! I need another NOW!!! This is the best new product on the market. Everybody I have shown your Aerial Glass to thinks this is the most amazing thing they have ever seen. I believe this will be the next classic effect in magic.”
– Sonny Fontana

“Many years ago, I owned a version of John Fabjance’s Airborne Glass. It wasn’t the most reliable prop. I practiced and persevered, but eventually gave up on the effect. On the Denny & Lee website, the following problems are outlined, and they all seem familiar to me: ‘The weight rattled loudly in the can or bottle, The ‘hook’ was not only dangerous, but unreliable. If you missed the correct spot, the glass would tilt. The releasing of the hook after the effect was sometimes troubling. Breaking of the mono filament was common.’ So when this latest model arrived, I expected more of the same. I was, however, pleasantly surprised. Here is a bit more from Denny Haney, and I am quoting this because he speaks the truth: ‘…here is an Airborne Glass Suspension that has been totally redesigned to work right, every time and has eliminated the problems. This hand made device will fit into the neck of almost any bottle. There is no rattling weight inside the bottle or can. Nothing to hook or unhook. Perform it anywhere, anytime. This entire unit operates on a system of brass tubing, springs and magnets and works like a dream. No hang ups, no misses, no breakage.’ The glass is eight inches in height and is made of a thick, durable plastic, with a clear base and a smoky white body. It doesn’t look cheap. It does appear, from an audience viewpoint, as if it were made from glass. The gimmick that fits into the bottle is very well made. It has a sturdy feel to it and I don’t get the impression that it is going to break anytime soon. The working is practically automatic because of a little magnet that engages the glass. There is no need to look down as it connects. Disconnecting is just as easy – just a tug while holding the glass. The instructions for this are minimal: a single sheet with seven briefly written steps, accompanied by six illustrations. I only needed to check the instructions for clarification on a couple of points. Otherwise, I didn’t need them. Each unit is handmade by Wil Golden, so supplies are limited. At $140, this is not a cheap prop. However, very often you get what you pay for in this world, and Golden’s version of this classic stands head-and-shoulders above any other version of the effect that I have seen. If you already use a glass suspension and are happy with it, fine. But if you are looking for one that works

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