Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope COLOR SET by Alan Wong – Trick

Tyvek Himber Bank Envelope COLOR SET by Alan Wong – Trick


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The Color Tyvek Himber Bank Envelopes package contains:

  • Five Tyvek Himber Bank Envelopes of five different colors: RED, GREEN, BLUE, GOLDEN YELLOW & BLACK each measuring 18cm x 10cm that will fit any sized bank notes.
  • Each side of the himber envelope has a removable partition.
  • Five additional Tyvek normal matching bank envelopes each also has a removable partition.

With this complete package you can:

  • Perform your own version of the classic bank night routine with up to five people.
  • Customize your own routines with two or four ways out with the himber envelopes.
  • Predict four specific outcomes to four people fully utilizing the himber envelopes.
  • Use the normal Tyvek envelopes in your act.
  • Use the normal Tyvek envelope with the partition to become a force envelope.
  • Pack small play big on stage and parlor shows

The brightly colored envelopes set offers more interesting color associated themes to mentalism such as color personality or color psychology.

This is a worker’s dream package that will last forever.

Envelopes only with no instructions.

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