Zig Zag Card by Apprentice

Zig Zag Card by Apprentice


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ZIG ZAG CARD is a SUPER VISUAL and easy to do magic trick! EFFECT: In this version, You attempt to perform the classic “Cutting a person in half” Illusion, However instead of using a real person, you use a playing card. The playing card is inspected by the audience and placed inside the “Cutting Box”. you slide the card all the way in the box so everyone can plainly see the entire card. Next you SLIDE THE MIDDLE OF THE CARD away from the top and bottom creating a ZIG ZAG CARD! Yours audience can place their finger in the empty space to prove there are no mirrors used! you then, slide the card out of the box and it is not in one sold piece again! The card can be handed out and inspected! All Apprentice products come complete with all necessary props, online instructions as well as a great storyline to capture the imagination of your audience. The Apprentice Line of magic is focused toward beginners yet, many professional magicians around the world use these same tricks in their live shows. Learn magic the right way with the Apprentice Line of magic! EASY TO PERFORM! SELF WORKING! NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! EASY TO LEARN! ONLINE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS! ALL PROPS INCLUDED! PERFORMANCE TIPS! STORY / PATTER INCLUDED! GREAT QUALITY!


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